Do you have any vegan products?

Currently, our products contain gelatin (beef) and dairy so they are not vegan. However, we are always testing new products are hope to be able to serve our vegan fam soon!


Are the Crispies gluten-free?

Currently, our products contain barley malt syrup which is not considered gluten-free. However, we are always testing new products are hope to be able to serve our coeliac and gluten-free fam soon!


Are the Crispies lactose-free?

Our products do contain dairy so are not lactose-free. Watch this space though!


Do you have any nut free Crispies?

Yes! We don't have any nut flavours at the moment, so there are no nuts in the processing of the Crispies. 


What are the ingredients?

Rice Cereal, Dairy, Sugar, Gelatin (beef), Water, Corn Starch, Natural Flavours.


Can I see the nutritional information?

Yes, below is the nutritional panel for the OG Tahitian Vanilla crispy. You can also add a crispy to MyFitnessPal by searching for 'Rice Crispy Co.'


When will I receive my order?

We sell a perishable food product so we have to follow a very strict mailing schedule to avoid any delays and any order getting stuck at AusPost over the weekend.

Orders are shipped out on Monday, So if you order on Monday - Sunday your order will be shipped on the Monday. If we have the stock available we may be able to ship on a Tuesday, but we cannot guarantee this. This is so that you can have the freshest crispies possible and they are not held up by the post over the weekend. Please message/email us if you need them for a specific day so we can confirm if you will get them in time. 


Are your products halal?

Yes. We use gelatin, however it is beef gelatin. We also use vanilla essence however it is cooked off.


What is the shelf life of the Crispies?

The Crispies are best eaten within a few days of receipt (like any cake or dessert), however they can be kept for 7-10 days if stored in a cool and dark place. Alternatively, they can be frozen on receipt and defrosted 1-2 hours before eating. They will survive in the freezer for up to 6 months.


How big are the Crispies?

The Crispies are handcrafted so will not be exactly the same size every time, however we endeavor to keep them as consistent as possible at a minimum of 50 grams per Crispy (some weigh more than others due to mix-ins and toppings).  


Feel free to contact us if your query is not covered here.