Meet Our Team

About Rice Crispy Co

Rice Crispy Co is more than just a purveyor of delicious treats – it's a passion, a dream, and a love story, all rolled into one. This is our story.

Our Journey

In 2020, amidst the challenges of the time, a simple scroll through Facebook changed the trajectory of our lives. I'm Helen, the co-owner of Rice Crispy Co, and it was during this fateful moment that I discovered the delightful charm of rice crispy treats. The love for these treats and my background as a bookkeeper, with an inherent desire to support small businesses, led me and my husband, Marty, an ex-chef, to an unexpected yet delightful decision - purchasing the very business that made our favorite treats.

Our Mission

Fast forward to February 2022, Rice Crispy Co found itself with new stewards. As co-owners, Marty and I bring our unique skills and shared love for these treats to the table. We are passionate about crafting the most delectable rice crispy snacks with only the best ingredients. Our offerings span a variety of flavors that promise to delight your senses and leave you craving more.

Join Us on this Journey

Today, Rice Crispy Co is a family-owned business dedicated to sharing the joy of these crunchy delights with you. Our mission is to take you on a flavorful journey with each bite of our delicious treats. We invite you to join us on this adventure and experience the love, passion, and taste embedded in every Rice Crispy Co snack.

Welcome to the Rice Crispy Co family. We promise, it's going to be a delicious ride!